Vinayaga Glass has been supplying small dimensional toughened safety glass from its base in Madurai since the early 2002 as a trader. During this time we have built up an excellent reputation in terms of quality and servicing the toughened glass products.we are one of the best toughened glass manufacturers in tamilnadu.Our business was built upon the very best customer relations. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with the companies & the clients with which we had supplied.

Moving on to next level from a trader to a manufacturer, our enterprise VINAYAGA GLASS PRODUCTS located at the outskirts of Madurai.It was founded by our Honourable Chairman MR.PILLAYARSAMY who is an independent creative thinker & an extremely knowledgable person when it comes to business. He always has his focus upon satisfying the clients in terms of safety, quality & reliability.

Under his leadership our enterprise is well equipped with

Up-to-date machines like world class LANDGLASS Furnace, Italy CNC, Loader etc.

Advanced technology software for office functionalities.

Well trained production team with skilled engineers & technicians.

Well determined management team to handle the accounts, marketing & customer service

With access to years of glass trading & knowing the processing skills you will find that “we do what you love & we make glass unrivalled (i.e) something better than others ”

A complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

We strictly follow the quality procedures to ensure 100% accuracy and reliability in which we do manufacture.

We commit to our clients to give our good quality toughened glass products & a reliable service at a better competitive price.

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